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V8TV changes fluids and tunes up an absolutely bone stock, all original ’90 Mustang convertible, gaining 3.7 horsepower and 4.3 ft-lbs of torque in the process.

Note: Improvements in performance depend on the vehicle, it’s condition and how it’s used. This video is not intended to imply that all users will experience the same performance gain by upgrading to Royal Purple.


Nick Scavo: We're in Naperville, Illinois at finish line performance. We brought our '90 Mustang convertible to put on the dyno, just get a baseline, to see how much horsepower these things actually make when you drive them off the street.

Our goals are to do a tune up to it and put plugs, wires and ignition parts, change the fluids and see how it runs.

Dan Bills: The guys from V8TV brought in their '90 convertible Mustang today.

Nick: Our car has got 59,000 miles on it. It is absolutely bone stock, all original. These cars originally came from the factory with 225 horsepower. It is a good starting point for a lot of projects we have planned.

At Finish Line Performance they do a lot of stuff like the LS1, LT1's, the mod motor stuff. They do quite a bit of stuff with fuel injection, transmission work. It is a one stop shop for everything short of body work and paint.

Dan: We specialize mostly in forced induction cars whether it be superchargers or turbo.

Nick: Once we were at the shop we backed the car up onto the dyno and then strapped it down with four straps, put wheel chocks in front of it to make sure the car doesn't move. We slowly accelerate the car so it goes through the three gears.

Once it is at a certain point, in our case we started the test around 20-some hundred RPM. We mapped the throttle, revved the motor up to about 5,000 RPM, take the foot of the gas, hit the dyno break and read your readings.

That is a consistent poor rating there. Pretty disappointed.

Bill: When they got here they asked me what I thought it would make and I thought it would make 180 horsepower and it made 177, so I was pretty close.

A: You suck, you were off by three.

Nick: Our plans are to swap out all of the tune up components.

Bill: Basically, they're going to change the fluids, change the ignition, put MSD wires and ignition box.

Nick: And then we are going to take out all of the organic fluids in the car, the engine, the transmission and the differential fluid. We are going to replace it will Royal Purple's synthetic fluids.

Back in the old days they told you to put a set of of headers on it, that was worth 50 horsepower, you put a carburetor on it, that was worth 50 horsepower. Heck by the time you were done you probably made 3000 horsepower, but you didn't.

Bill: The dyno doesn't lie.

Nick: Part of the changes we are going to make today we are not necessarily looking for performance. In our case we may see fuel economy from it. I would be willing to bet you are going to see longevity out of it just by using the synthetics. They may not show up on the dyno, but we want to see the differences and what they do.

We chose Royal Purple Racing 21 engine oil because it works very well in a variety of applications. Racing 21 helps provide horsepower while preventing internal wear. The viscosity is typical of a 5W30 oil.

We were happy to find out that there was no shavings in the transmission pan and the filter was beautiful as I look up in there. So really we have ourselves a pretty good car to start with.

Royal Purple Max ATF is a synthetic, high performance, long life, multipurpose automatic transmission fluid. Max ATF is fully compatible and can be mixed with other automatic transmission fluid.

We replaced the differential fluid with Royal Purple Max Gear oil. All viscosities of Max Gear are formulated with high point friction modifiers, necessary for use in clutch or cone type differentials. No additional additives are necessary.

After fluid changes and parts upgrades we ran the Mustang on the dyno a couple more times. We opened the door and let the room cool to the same 60 degree air temperature as our initial run.

180, oh, excellent. The car picked up 3.7 horsepower and 4.3 foot pounds of torque just by changing fluids and tuning up the ignition.

That totally made a difference.

It is very important to get a baseline from the aspect that, we don't know what we may do to this car. For all you know, there could be a supercharger on it one day, or nitrous, or a turbocharger, or all three because I have nothing better to do.

No, who knows what you could do. It's always good to start somewhere so you can compare apples to apples. If you don't you don't know what you have done.