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Australian drag racer, Paul Torony, uses Royal Purple XPR – Extreme Performance Racing Oil and Max Gear High Performance Gear Oil in his Silvia. When he pulls the car apart he can see the protection that Royal Purple provides.

Note: Improvements in performance depend on the vehicle, it’s condition and how it’s used. This video is not intended to imply that all users will experience the same performance gain by upgrading to Royal Purple.


My name's Paul Torony and I use Royal Purple Oil. I've been into drag racing since the age of 18 and I've had the Silvia for seven years and I've been racing that competitively since then. I grew up on the side of a race track watching my dad and uncle race sports sedans and my first drive in a turbo car when I was 16 has pretty much influenced who I am today with the car. It's an SR-20 turbo engine with a V8 head conversion done by Advance Motor Mechanics. I'm running a large precision turbo that runs pump E-85 and makes around 630 kilowatts at the wheels. We've since made more power with more boost. It hasn't been on the dyno yet so I don't know exactly what but we'll find out when it goes to the track next week.

There's a listing for the faster street cars in the world and the Silvia is ranked within the top 100. The fastest time for the Silvia is 8.54 at 164 miles an hour. That was our goal to be the fastest S-chassis powered SR-20 Silvia. I run Royal Purple XPR 10-40 in the engine and Max Gear 75 W-90 in the diff and gear box. I use them because they give me superior protection. I've used other brands and I can see from when we pull things apart and check them out that nothing compares to Royal Purple. The Silvia is a street registered car that sees a lot of weekend driving and I think that's probably what separates it from a lot of the other faster cars out there. It's a genuine 8 second street car with metal and glass. Royal Purple Oil, performance oil that outperforms.