The days of 3,000-mile oil changes are gone. Royal Purple scientists and engineers devote a considerable amount of time and resources improving the chemistry of our premium full synthetic oils to make them more robust and more efficient. Automobile manufacturers also continue to make strides in engine technology, making them run cleaner and smoother.

Nowadays, many carmakers commonly recommend an oil change interval of 5,000 to 7,500 miles, or sometimes even 10,000 miles or more, under ideal operating conditions. Certain premium products like Royal Purple API-licensed synthetic engine oils allow motorists to travel as many as 12,000 miles as the recommended oil change interval. Even more amazing, Royal Purple HPS™ synthetic performance upgrade street oils allow up to 15,000 miles in between motor oil changes.

Of course, some service shops still encourage consumers to adhere to the 3,000-mile rule because it means more business for them. But with Royal Purple premium full synthetic oil, you can keep your vehicle on the road and the money in your wallet. Feel free to enjoy the convenience of extending the oil change interval, with Royal Purple.