Have you thought about swapping your conventional oil or lower-quality synthetic oil for premium full synthetic motor oil? All vehicles—gasoline and diesel—can handle the switch. And synthetics work just as well in older vehicles as they do in new ones.

Why Synthetic?


Premium full synthetic oils:

  • Provide better cold flow than conventional oils and lower-quality synthetic oils, allowing for optimal engine protection at start-up.
  • Perform better at higher temperatures, which makes them ideal for extended drives and difficult driving conditions, like stop-and-go traffic and snow.
  • Resist breakdown due to their greater oxidation resistance and cleanliness.
  • Do not sludge, maximizing efficiency as vehicles get older.
  • Maximize gas mileage by reducing internal engine friction.
  • Increase engine output by reducing drag and parasitic loss
  • Pay for themselves by extending engine oil change interval.


Why Royal Purple?


Royal Purple is the synthetic engine oil that racing professionals and certified mechanics put in their own engines. Synerlec®, our own unique additive technology, creates the best film-strength in the industry for protection of moving engine parts. And it’s not just cars, trucks and SUVs that benefit—we make full synthetic motor oils for snowmobiles, motorcycles, and boats.

Engines run cooler with Royal Purple, and so do the assemblies and other moving parts lubricated with our extended line of automotive, marine and other various lubricants.

Royal Purple products offer superior corrosion protection.

Royal Purple actually cleans your engine with advanced synthetic solvency.

And with Royal Purple, enjoy the convenience and savings of extending your oil change intervals on your vehicles with our 1 Year / 1 Oil Change Pledge.