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Snow 2-C is a high performance 2-cycle engine oil that improves performance and reduces wear in both standard and high performance 2-cycle snowmobile gasoline engines. The synthetic solvency of Snow 2-C keeps spark plugs and exhaust ports clean for maximum engine efficiency. This engine cleanliness, combined with Snow 2-C’s low coefficient of friction promotes increased horsepower and engine speed.

Snow 2-C is formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary, synthetic Synerlec additive technology, that protects rings, bearings and cylinder walls from metal-to-metal contact and guards against scuffing, galling and welding, which can occur in severe conditions. Snow 2-C is ideally suited for snowmobile applications due to its low temperature fluidity and pumpability for cold weather service.

Performance Advantages

Greater wear protection
Superior corrosion protection
Saves fuel
Reduces exhaust emissions
Increases performance
Keeps engines clean