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Royal Purple’s Nitro Plus Oils are straight-grade synthetic engine oils formulated specifically for use in blown alcohol, nitro-methane or any racing applications that experience excessive fuel dilution.

“Running Royal Purple in my engines over the years has been a key component to helping me gain the competitive edge over my competition as well as my repeated trips to the winners circle,” says Clay Millican, 5-time IHRA Top Fuel Champion. “Not worrying about my oil getting mixed up with my fuel leaves me able to focus on more important things at the track, like winning. I would recommend any of Royal Purple’s products to other racers out there.”

Please consult Royal Purple’s Technical Department at when choosing the racing oil for your specific application.

Performance Advantages

Greater wear protection
Separates rapidly from alcohol/nitro methane
Resists bearing washout
Can withstand severe stress of high compression engines
Outstanding Rust/Corrosion Protection
High Temperature Service Capability

Available Viscosities


Nitro Plus 50

Viscosity typical of an SAE 50 oil.

Nitro Plus 60

Viscosity typical of an SAE 60 oil.

Nitro Plus 70

Viscosity typical of an SAE 70 oil.