Designed for maximum filtration and extended-life, Royal Purple’s ultra-premium synthetic oil filters outlast the competition time and again. Our engineers have used fiberglass, industrial-strength steel and high-grade adhesives to create state-of-the-art filters that boast a near-perfect particle removal and a best-in-class flow.

To provide synthetic oil users with filters that match the premium standards of Royal Purple engine oil, each synthetic oil filter created in our 355,000-square-foot facility in Illinois weighs 40% more than standard filters. Samples from our production line undergo laboratory testing to ensure quality and performance. These completely rigorous tests include the application of 6 G’s of vibration force to assess their shock absorption and stability, and others that test their filtration performance and their ability to withstand the stress of 150,000 continual start-ups without degradation. And because Royal Purple extended-life oil filters are engineered to a higher standard, they are still intact after 600psi of pressure, long after the competition has folded. All of this testing ensures that our consumers enjoy the best synthetic oil filter available on the market.