Over time, regular motor oil succumbs to oxidation, which ages the oil and introduces acidity to the lubricant. The motor oil is then less able to lubricate and protect the engine from wear and corrosion. Add to this the constant influx of particulates and contaminants and the resulting mixture decreases engine performance and creates the need for expensive repairs later in the life of the car or truck.

Dirty motor oil is not unlike cholesterol. It leaves behind sludge and buildup that makes your engine run harder. For years, Royal Purple has been committed to helping motorists rid their cars and trucks of engine sludge. First of all, a high degree of natural solvency in our synthetic lubricants helps to remove deposited sludge, ensuring that your vehicle’s engine is cleaner and happier.

Royal Purple also starts cleaner than conventional motor oil. The engineered synthetic base oils used in Royal Purple premium synthetic oils don’t exhibit the kind of impurities that naturally occur in less processed base oils that are simply refined from crude. Finally, our full synthetic motor oils don’t break down under extreme heat and pressure like lesser-quality lubricants, making them less likely to contribute any new sludge or deposits.

Full synthetic Royal Purple works fine with ordinary oil filters, but for super-premium filtration that removes particles at 99% efficiency down to 25 microns, use Royal Purple engine oil in concert with Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filters.