Engines generate a lot of heat. This is especially true during long and high-impact drives (such as stop-and-go rush hour traffic), which can produce extremely high temperatures. With regular motor oil, these conditions can initiate oxidation, which breaks down the molecular structure of conventional oil and causes significant problems for your engine.

To help keep engines safe from overheating, Royal Purple has manufactured premium synthetic motor oil backed by breakthrough proprietary Synerlec® additive technology. Our synthetic engine oil is scientifically designed to combat oxidation, reduce running temperatures and offer extended protection under the most extreme circumstances.

The Ultimate High-Temperature Test

What do we mean by “extreme circumstances”? Royal Purple supplied a synthetic lubricant for the China Star Bullet Train, which was experiencing overheating at speeds beyond 100 mph. Our product, made with the same Synerlec additive technology found in our motor oil, beat out more than two dozen competitors and solved their overheating bearing issue. The China Star then set a world land speed record for rail transportation by reaching 200 mph. Imagine what Royal Purple can do for your vehicle.