In the United States, vehicles are on the road for more than 11 years, on average. Protecting your car or truck with a full synthetic engine oil designed to minimize wear, reduce running temperatures, and prevent corrosion gives you the best chance to make it to—and surpass—that benchmark.

Engine wear is a significant problem—one that creates the need for expensive engine repairs later in the life of automotive engines. Royal Purple has worked hard to address this issue. Our scientists and engineers have spent countless hours in the laboratory engineering a range of products with high-strength molecular bonds that create an uninterrupted film of lubrication. This film prevents surface wear even under extreme conditions, when your engine needs the most protection.

Royal Purple synthetic lubricants perform at the height of summer but also in the middle of winter, offering optimal flow to your engine even when temps are well below freezing.

All-season high performance from Royal Purple keeps your car and truck on the road. And driving them 12,000 miles between changes is fine when you use Royal Purple motor oil, because it lasts longer than regular oil and other synthetics.