Royal Purple synthetic motor oil products have superior low-temperature fluidity and a lower coefficient of friction that makes it easier for users to start-up your vehicles in cold weather.

Royal Purple also manufactures Max-Tane™, a state-of-the-art fuel additive designed specifically for use in light, medium and heavy-duty diesel vehicles, which are particularly susceptible to low temperatures. Compatible with all kinds of diesel emissions systems and types of diesel fuel, Max-Tane makes diesel fuels resist crystallization and gelling in cold weather, while improving fuel efficiency up to 10%.

For snowmobile enthusiasts, we designed Snow 2-C, a synthetic 2-cycle engine oil that delivers superior cold temperature pumpability while ensuring engine cleanliness and maximum horsepower.

Our product engineers know that in winter, reliability means more. So take advantage of Royal Purple premium full synthetic motor oils, Max-Tane diesel fuel additive and Snow 2-C synthetic 2-cycle engine oil to make sure your car, truck or snowmobile is ready to go when you are.