Synerlec additive technology makes Royal Purple unique—and it’s a big reason why Royal Purple products perform like no other lubricants on the market. This man-made additive improves our products on a molecular level, by creating high-strength ionic bonds with metallic surfaces that allow our engine oils and other lubricants to react to sustained heat and pressure, not by breaking down like regular oil, but with increased film strength and lubricity.

With extended use, Royal Purple synthetic lubricants with Synerlec improve the surface condition of metallic surfaces by smoothing inherent surface roughness, actually reducing friction and improving lubrication of internal moving parts. That’s why we put it in every Royal Purple lubricant we can, from our performance upgrade synthetic motor oils and gear oils to gun oil and any other types of Royal Purple synthetic lubricants. So if you’re looking for high performance synthetic oil, look no further than Royal Purple synthetic lubricants with Synerlec.


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